Sunday, December 4, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted anything for many reasons. First of all, I thought if I posted everyday that Billy is making progress, but sleeping about 12 hours a day it would get pretty boring. My mother went home about 3 weeks ago so that leaves everything for me to do by myself (Oh how I miss my mom, but she needed to get back home. I am so grateful for everything she did for us). Plus I've started going back to work at the dental office and at Kohl's as much as I can and unfortunately homework, school projects, laundry, dishes and night time rituals never stop and with 4 kids you can imagine how crazy my nights are. Needless to say, I've been a little stressed and when night time rolls around I'm so tired that I usually pick sleep over blogging. Then last Thursday Landon woke up with a fever, threw up at 4am and then Karsyn and Paige got it too. (Now honestly, can the LaRose's have anymore fun than we already are???)

So the last 3 weeks or so, Billy has continued to make progress. His short term memory is getting better and he is getting stronger all the time. He's trying really hard to get back into normal life little by little. He went to Paige's basketball game last Saturday and he was glad he did, but he was really tired once he got back. Then Saturday night we decided the entire family needed a break so we all went to the movies. Billy really wanted to go, but hesitated as well. He did end up going with us and he tried really hard to enjoy himself, but it was really hard on him physically and mentally, but it was another step to recovery. One of his big problems right now is his sleeping is all messed up. He sleeps all day, gets up in the late afternoon and then can't go to sleep again until like 4:30am so the cycle continues. It's really hard for him to stay awake all day, but he is trying really hard. His head doesn't hurt that much, but he still has a lot of pressure in it, which is uncomfortable. His other complaint is that his entire body aches. He said it feels like when you have the flu, and it only goes away when he takes ibuprofen. Speaking of medicine, he is doing really good in that regard. He hasn't taken any prescription pain medicine in a week and is managing with Ibuprofen alone. Overall, we're 6 weeks post surgery and he has made amazing progress. I'm very proud of him and I know he will keep working hard so he can finally have is life back!!

Thanks again to everyone for their thoughts, prayers and kind gestures. Also, we have been given a couple of anonymous gifts so if any of you reading this is responsible for one of those, Thank you so much!! As hard as this has been, I have to say we have been blessed in so many ways!!

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