Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Late Thursday night Billy's head started to hurt really bad. All through the night he was in pain and didn't get much sleep. This was a big contrast from Thursday day, which is so hard to understand how he can go from feeling good, talking and laughing to being in so much pain he doesn't want to be touched, talked to or have any light on. This pain carried over into Friday. Around noon the Surgeon came in to see how he was doing. He decided they needed to do another lumbar puncture to see if the pressures were rising in his head again. As we were waiting for them to come in to do the lumbar puncture, around 1:30 Billy woke up. He wanted to eat, began talking and got up out of bed to brush his teeth and said he felt so much better. You think I should be used to this up and down already, but it still blows my mind. Billy had been given the same type and amount of medicine he had been getting for the past couple of days, so there was nothing that we could contribute to him feeling good all of a sudden. This roller coaster of good and bad times truly exhausts me mentally and physically. I am very happy Billy is doing better and has moved out of ICU, but at the same time the thought of him coming home scares me to death. I just really don't want to go home and then end up back at the hospital.

Billy continued to have a good day until around 6:00pm his pain started to come back. This time it only lasted for about 3 hours and then he was feeling better again. So as we are going to bed I'm wondering if they will let him still go home tomorrow and I really didn't know what to expect as morning comes......

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