Thursday, November 3, 2011

Great Progress (November 3, 2011)

Today was another good day. I was some what surprised when they came in and said they were moving Billy out of ICU to a step down room. He is now in Neuro Acute Care Unit (which is basically a regular room). He walked a really long way today and overall was feeling pretty good. Late afternoon his head started to hurt worse so they are trying to manage the pain because he's still got a while before his headaches go away completely. The other good news is that Karsyn and Landon got to come see him tonight. This was the first time they have seen him since the rupture. They were so excited and so was Billy. Billy wanted them to snuggle with him, but they were a little hesitant at first because they didn't want to hurt dad. Eventually they got up in the bed with him and snuggled with their daddy and I got some of the sweetest pictures.

Billy's primary doctor came in and said he thought Billy was doing really good and if he continued to do well, to plan on taking him home on Saturday. (Yes this Saturday) I have very mixed feelings about this. I am so ready to leave the hospital, but I am scared to bring him home too. I just worry something will happen once we get home and we'll end up back here, but I know I just need to have faith. If he gets to come home Saturday the doctor said he needs to come back to see him in 4 weeks for a follow up, which also means Billy cannot work, drive or really too much else until his follow up appt. RIght now Billy doesn't feel like doing too much because of his pain and weakness, but at the same time he thinks by next week he will be up and somewhat back to normal. I told him that all he can do is rest, but I know Billy and he will try to push it. The fighter in him is what is going to help him get better faster, but I just want him to take it slow and steady. I keep telling him everything is under control, but he worries and wants to be able to be back to normal. So as I'm rambling, what I need you all to do is pray that Billy will be able to allow his body and mind to heal and not push it too hard. His mind is clearer, but he is still having short term memory issues and they say that can last a while, but every patient is different so I will have to be the judge when I think he's back to normal.

So like I said, today was a big and great step, but like I've said many times before I'm not counting on anything for sure, but taking one day at a time.

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